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This page contains answers to the most common questions vendors have when using this website. Please read if carefully if you are having trouble!

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Vendor Categories

DBI works with many different kinds of vendors. It is important to select the correct category when setting up your account. This allows us to provide you with the correct application forms and place you in the correct areas at events. Because this choice impacts so much of your relationship with DBI, we do not allow you to change your category at will. If you have accidentally set this to the wrong category, please email the webmaster at hosting@foresitesoftware.com.


A crafter is a vendor who creates and sells a unique and home-made product. Crafters are juried -- they must provide photos and a description of their crafts in order to obtain a jury number. Once a jury number has been issued, the crafter may participate in DBI's craft fairs.


Entertainers provide music, rides, games and similar entertainment at DBI events.


Food Vendors provide meals and/or snacks to event attendees. Food vendors are typically placed in a designated food area with access to electricity and water (see event application for details). Note: some crafters also provide edible items as their product, but these people should sign up as crafters, not food vendors.

Antique Dealer

Antique dealers and other merchants re-sell products that have been made by others. Vendors in this category are typically not invited to participate in craft fairs.

Community Court

A limited number of non-profits may permitted to attend DBI events, and are often placed in a designated community court area. Vendors in this category are asked to provide a non-profit, tax-exempt number.